Online Business Education with a Difference: The Boring Business Story

Do you want to know more about business fundamentals including writing business plans, accounting, finance, budgeting and cashflow? Welcome to Boring Business, the ideal site to join to enhance your business knowledge.

Who – Meet Ian Kaye

My name is Ian Kaye. My business journey started in 1990 when I trained with a very large firm of accountants. Accounting is one of those professions when a lot of people “just have a quick question”, which was always fine by me. I have gained plenty of business knowledge over the years and I wanted to deliver that information to many more people in an easily digestible form. Hence Boring Business was born.

Through a series of online video courses, Boring Business can help you with:

I really hope you find the content you need to build your core business knowledge. This may be the less than exciting stuff but it’s the information we all need to know.  Getting the fundamentals right is the core to your business success.

What – Online Video Courses

Admin, Business Plans, Accounting, Cashflow, Budgeting and Finance! Empowering you with business knowledge.

They say knowledge is power. Well, what they don’t always say is acquiring it can be very expensive. Not anymore.

In the Premium Membership, you will get access to video courses with documents to download, explaining business registration in the UK, writing business plans, accounting, budgeting and forecasts, cashflow and finance.

At your own pace, familiarise yourself with the content.

This isn’t all the answers
But I feel confident the video lessons and document downloads will really help you develop your knowledge and answer some of those “I don’t know what I don’t know” questions. They will also give you the confidence to continue your learning and even more confidence when it comes to talking with other business professionals.

So whether you’re in business start-up mode or you’re well established in business, these courses can help. If you have decided you want to know about the admin and accounting for your business, this is a good place to start.

Do you write an annual business plan? Writing an annual business plan can be a powerful tool in helping you take your business forward. Budgeting, cashflow, and finance options; these are all areas that you should feel comfortable navigating. Boring Business is precisely aimed at empowering you with business knowledge and giving you that comfort.

Best of luck on your business journey.


Boring Business Bloopers

“Boring Business exists to make your business life a little easier!”

Ian Kaye, Founder

Follow Ian’s business lessons and empower yourself today.